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I would appeciate anyone’s thoughts on the ” printing Poetry:Workbook in typographic of reification” book by Clifford Burke, would it be worthwhile to purchase? Thank you.

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Heck, yes.

jonathanjeclipse, very worthwhile, if you can find one.
best james

YES!!!!!! Even though I kind of trashed my own personal copy because of a lack of quality control on press, this is a fantastic resource of great information.


thanks for comments-it is scarce but available-my dad left me a little money when he died, and as I have written poetry before maybe someday I will print it———-only wish could also afford that original book “The Colour Printer’ I think it was called by Earhart c £450 that was in uk—sadly I cannot trace any more of S P Tuohy in Oxford who was a specialist bookseller particular in typography-had good stuff, not answering phone.
But have purchased a reproduction book via abebooks from India at c £16-note an ebook version is available c £6 for anyone interested.
Cheers folks.

found several on abebooks , seem cheaper than amazon in uk.

just got through to Tuohy ,Oxford uk 01865723566 ill in bed, going to post me pdf catalogue soon-if anyone wants it also I can resend on.Gosh his Earhart book (if still available) was/is miles cheaper than any in USA, might be worth an enterprising person buying and importing………

Please send me the pdf catalogue, thanks
[email protected]

book arrived-lots of words-seems ok

but also spotted The Libanus Press “Book Typography” a designers manual , got lots diagrams, so looking forward to that

no PDF arrived from Tuohy, suggest letter in writing direct to S P Tuohy 45 Warwick Street, Oxford OX4 1SZ, UK

I have a copy of Printing Poetry for sale. Signed by the author in 1997. Laid in photographs of Clifford Burke teaching at Center for the Book (in SF) on that occasion. Printing Poetry was printed on a Vandercook Proof Press by Clifford Burke at the Scarab Press in San Francisco 1980. In dust jacket very fine condition. I have a number of other letterpress printing books for sale as well.

I will post this in the Classifieds as well, but since this discussion topic exists: I have a copy to sell; very fine condition, although no dust jacket. $325 or best offer. Barter or partial barter for metal or wood type or a beautiful oak Hamilton type cabinet (in my dreams?) will also be considered.
Richmond, CA

Since this thread has resurfaced, I probably should clarify my earlier post. I covet my copy of Clifford’s Printing Poetry, but sometime in the distant past I had gone on a rant and trashed it as one of worst-printed books in my library!!!!!

This still holds true because there are a few forms in the book that are barely legible!!!! VERY little ink on the page. I was always amazed by this, but over the decades have heard from a few others that in order to bind and finish as many books as possible (or meet the demand for orders?) that some normally less than acceptable makeready signatures were bound-in.

Seems plausable to me. I should say that I purchased my copy in a ‘boutique’ bookstore in Palo Alto, CA in the late 70s and must admit that the asking price was way less than I would have expected. So maybe the ‘weak’ copies were discounted????? Just conjecture on my part.

It is still a marvelous reference source for anyone serious about “printing poetry.”


Rick, I own a copy of Clifford’s book and the Palace press has a copy both are superbly printed, I know Clifford and and he is not a Grunge Printer, So I don’t know about the copy you own.It should be case bound, maybe you have a counterfeit? I even had the opportunity to print dust jackets for the remainder of his run.
William Francis, I know Clifford used a Colts Armory Laurette for production work, I highly doubt he printed on a Vandercook,with 150 pages printed sheetwise, a production run of 2000,that is 600,000 impressions. I think my arm would fall off after that many pulls, But the next time I see Clifford I’ll ask james

Hi James,

Your response prompted me to duck into my library and pull down my copy.

I have the case-bound edition (of 2,000 copies)which includes your dust jacket that I very much admire.

A quick glance through it and I immediately zeroed in on page 122 as being way too light on ink as a quick example of what I was talking about. It’s not anything like grunge printing, its just that the ink is starved back to produce a mere ghost of what it should look like.

I am also now reinforced of my opinion of what a marvelous instructional work it is.


Any chance of a reprint? It’s a shame that such a useful (and profound) book is so scarce.

No dust jacket and a coffee stain, but this looks to be a nice reference copy at a reasonable price.