Arab conversion to hotfoil

Hi All,

First time on here so please go gently :)

I own and run a small Letterpress studio called Cherry Press in the UK. We currently have a Heidelberg windmill 10 x 15 and an Arab Crown Folio 10 x 15 both of which a excellent examples and produce work of fantastic quality.

I also have a Blockmaster 8 x 5 for foiling small embellishments/logos etc but I’m looking for something that can handle a little more interms of size and coverage. Has anyone got any experience in converting letterpress to hotfoot and in particular the Arab Crown Folio?

Thanks in advance.

David Lewis
Cherry Press

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a heat plate system with controller is straight forward enough. the problem you will prob run into is foil holder, routing, draw, and retrieval system. be hard to install and keep with “era look” to it. if you are just looking for the ability to do foil and hot embossing then, i think an old kluge, converted C&P would suit you better.
That being said, as with anything else, your wishes could come true. with enough money involved.

pic of Heidelberg hotfoil form attatchment-apparently rare

maybe make one/adapt for Arab?

I’d contact Patrick Roe at The Logan Press Uk arab expert for advice……opinion…..

image: hhotfoil.jpg