Chandler Price New Style Treadle dimensions/mounting

I would like to make a treadle for my 8X12 NS. I know that I have seen a drawing before of the treadle but I cannot find anything now. I have some dimensions from and old style but I cant even find good pictures of how the NS mounts in the rear. I want to make it look somewhat original so I will be doing it out of steel. I would like to get a Hern but I can make it myself for free, as I’m a machinist and welder. any pictures or prints would be fantastic.

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Did anyone help you with this? Given enough time, I can provide you with photos and specs.


Here you go. I think this will be helpful. The drawing is not to scale but the measurements should be good. (the diagram was too large a file to post so you can see it on the flickr site with the other pix)

My treadle is attached at the back end of the press from the bottom side.
The shaft that it attaches to is bolted to the legs and would require unbolting in order to slip the treadle out.
I read someplace about the treadle mounting where it hangs over this shaft and others where it is mounted from underneath as mine is.

There are pix of the whole thing at this flickr site.

If you have any questions or need additional pix or measurements you can reach me at SV[email protected]

Good luck