Rail height on a C&P

Is there a standard rail to bed height on C&P jobbers?
All of the heights on ours vary a good bit
for all the inconsistent wear.
I’m trying to level out those rails on an 8x10 press
at the KC Art Institute Printmaking Department
using JB Weld and that tape Fritz sells.
I can get the roller height right using the tape
but if I had an exact figure to shoot for
I’d be a little more satisfied with the work.


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Rail height should equal type height; 0.918”. If there’s any variance, a couple of thousands under is probably better than a couple over.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Mine are all under that.
Even my Thorpe which shows little if any wear at all.

A straight edge placed across the rails
won’t allow a .918 roller gauge to pass under it.

Rollers are a shade larger than trucks…..
Okay, rats! I’m missing something here.


I haven’t monitored C & P’s rail height at all, but, I can say that with Golding, it depends on the age of the press. Early presses have rails considerably higher than .918. Later presses seem to all have rails less than .918 including examples that I am sure have not seen much use. I have restored somewhere between 55 and 60 presses and never measured one that had type high rails. (For what it’s worth.) Not making any firm comment on what they should be, just stating what I have experienced.