Bolt identification?

I am about to pick up a Craftsmen Monarch and want to remove the lever for transport. I had the seller send a picture to make sure I brought the right tools but I don’t recognize this bolt . Anyone know what this is called so I can get the right tool?

image: image.jpg


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Hard to tell for sure but it looks like it is probably an allen set screw, but the size is unknown, possibly 1/4 inch. If you have or can get a set of allen wrenches one should fit it.


It’s called a grub screw. bring metric set of wrenches also. (belt & suspenders)
ted lavin


The Craftsmen Monarch lever has two set screws. The one we have in inventory at the moment, requires a 7/32” Allen wrench.

Caution… lifting this beast is not a one person task. I recommend closing the platen and lifting on each side, using the side arms, close to the journals, as grab/hold points.


Thanks for the replies and suggestions.

Tom, I posted another question in regards to weight on another topic. Do you know the weight difference or the actual weight of a Craftsman old style 6 1/2 x10 and the Craftsmen Monarch Aluminum 9x12? Regards,London.
Nice work on your restorations and repairs!

The approximate weight of the Craftsmen Superior is 150 lbs. I don’t know the weight of an aluminum Monarch.


Thanks again Tom. After much internet searching I think it was Excelsior press that had a Pilot on a scale and came in at 160#. I found another Craftmen Monarch already sold on Ebay that stated the aluminum models weighed in at 135#. I spoke with the person in charge of sales at Craftsmen a super helpful guy named Sherwin. He thinks they are in the 125-150# range. He had some old paperwork that said they were 240# crated which would make them around 200# unpacked,but he felt that was on the high side. Thought I’d pass it on in case anyone else in the future needs the info. I didn’t realize they made the Monarch up till 1978 either? Lots on tidbits of info from him, he’s been with them since 1978 when they stopped making the Monarch presses. Anyhow… Regards,London