name unknown

Can anyone identify the typeface below? It was designed by Julius Herriet for the Bruce foundry, April 24, 1883. US design patent d13870

image: unknown.jpg


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Hi Steve,

I checked my 1882 Bruce specimen book, thinking that maybe it would be there with a “patent pending” note, but it is not in that book. The only other Bruce catalog that I have is from 1899 and it isn’t in there either.

The cap E and cap G are genuinely freakish.

Good luck on your search.


Hi Rick,
I checked those specimens too and since I couldn’t find it, I came here - to the place of last resort. I included it on page 81 of my Loy book, but could only label it “Unidentified Type.” As you can see - I’m still trying.


This is a Bruce Typeface and is only known by Ornamented No. ?, Most ornamented typefaces in the Bruce Type Foundry were called Ornamented Number this and and ornamented number that, you may find some supplements to the 1882 Bruce Type Specimen Book at the library or using interlibrary loan.
This typeface was cast by Bruce Type Foundry after the 1882 specimen book.

Yours truly,

Identification solved - by Alastair Johnston. The face is Black Ornamented No. 541, by Julius Herriet. It was shown in Supplement One of the Bruce 1882 specimen book.