My new press. Who is she? I.D. help please.

Picked up this treadle operated press last week. Had a dickens of a time loading it into a U-Haul and then getting it in my almost built work shop. Wondering if anybody can help with an ID for this one.

image: IMG5696 copy.JPG

IMG5696 copy.JPG

image: IMG5681 copy.JPG

IMG5681 copy.JPG

image: IMG5697 copy.JPG

IMG5697 copy.JPG

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More photos can be had in a few days. I am away from the house.

Looks to me like a New Champion by A. Olmesdahl.

The few photos I was able to Google up did indeed show it very similar to the New Champion. Can’t wait to get home and look closer. Any idea where an ID plate might be?
Thanks John H.

New Champion presses were marketed by several firms and frequently had no identifying marks on them. Sometimes the marketer had their company names attached to the presses on metal plates which frequently were knocked off the presses.

Yup….New Champion, Damon & Peet, Samson, and even seen an Allen pictured in a catalog for cigar box making equipment. This style press was sold under many names, but isn’t commonly seen around today. You have a throw off….nice option to have!!!! Should be a nice press to print with!!!!