Special offer: 50% discount on »Donatello eclaire« (aka Troubadour, aka Gracia)

Hi all,

our current special offer for »Donatello Éclaire« is online. We are offering a 50% discount on sizes 10 to 28p (Didot only). This includes finishing to US height. All details can be found here:


Please note that our previous offer for Nicolas Cochin (Deberny & Peignot) remains valid, too:


Appropriate spacing material is available on request.

image: Seemann1933_450px.jpg


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I am interested with Nicolas Cochin 24pt. Do you have french accents and what is the cost.
Thank you !

Hi Lise,

we do have a French scheme. yes. A full set of 24p (Didot) is c. 280 USD plus shipping.

Best: Lars