Relief Mate Innoplatemaker

I found a (used) platemaker for sale and was wondering if anyone has any experience with, or information on this particular brand/model. Replacement parts are available for the machine which is a good thing, but it would be nice to know if it has any sort of reputation.


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I have a Relief Mate A3 and have had no problems with it; never saw any others (except for the one that just went without bid on eBay).
I like it more than the Polmeros, and about as much as the BASF processor. Mine came with a fax of the manual; if you don’t have it, contact me off-list and I can send you a copy.

Thanks very much!

Several people have found this thread recently and contacted me about the Relief Mate manual, so there are a few more out there. I have scanned the manual and posted a pdf in the files section at Gerald Lange’s yahoo group, PPLetterpress, which you can join at