Hi BriarPress!
I just purchased a Chandler & Price New Style 10x15 platen press. After measuring, we figured out that it won’t fit through any door we have here. We decided maybe taking it apart/putting it back together would be the best method of moving. Can ANYONE offer suggestions as to how to do that/point me in the direction of some directions as to how to do this/tell me about their experience doing the same thing? It also has a Kluge auto-feeder which I’m looking to remove. THANKS!

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Try not to take it apart if at all possible. How wide are your doorways? Sometimes taking off the door frame is easier than taking apart the press.

There are a number of discussions in the archives. I’ve contributed to a few myself.

Where are you…maybe someone more experienced can lend a hand. Or at least talk you through the process.

Hey Arie;
The press is 6x4 feet (give or take a few inches) and all of our doorways are 3 feet maximum. We were hoping to just take apart the least amount of parts possible to get it in the door, and then reassemble. Maybe we wouldn’t have to take apart the entire press. I live in Seattle. I’ve been trying to find discussions in the archives but I’m having a hard time. I’ll keep digging!

This can be done, but its a big job, for a skilled experienced tech, perhaps two days. For a novice, who knows? Then someday it will need to be done again when the press is removed from that location. Compare this to the cost of a new wider, and perhaps taller door.
However to remove the feeder and crank shaft, start with the air pump on the crank shaft. Take careful note of the feeder timing, remove hoses linkage, etc. then four nuts on the plate on the lower right side of the feeder. Entire feeder assembly will slide out to the right on the shaft. Remove the gib key on the pinion ( small) gear, remove three screws on the crank shaft box ( left side) pull the crank shaft (fly wheel attached) out to the left.
Should fit through 36” door now.
Good luck.
Jams ‘Mac’ McGraw

Google is your friend… try this as a starting point: http://www.briarpress.org/19361

This was the top hit on Google using “disassemble C&P” as the search criteria. There’s more.

Thanks to Mac and Arie; I am hoping not to have to disassemble the entire press, just enough to fit in a 3-ish foot door. The flywheel should be able to stay on, and after removing the feeder and making the press as compact as possible, hopefully it will fit! Unfortunately we rent, so building a bigger door isn’t an option. I’ll be sure to check out those other forums as well.

A closed press without the feed tables (or automatic feeder) is smaller front to back than side to side. Remove the name plate for another couple of inches. Thought that will mean you have to remove the rollers and fasten the roller frames into place.so as to not break them. Better yet to remove the roller frames, but then you’re into serious disassembly.

I’m in Seattle/Bellevue/ and Bainbridge Island. Contact me as I have moved many presses in the area. I am a letterpress man myself and have been for 56 years. I’m currently moving presses etc. into a larger space so I can teach classes over on Bainbridge Island.