Moving a windmill

I have now officially caught the letterpress bug (again) and have acquired a 1965 10x15 windmill in great shape…

Now, moving this beast is pretty intimidating to me and I would like to find someone who is familiar with moving this kind of equipment…

It happens to be in the same town (Newburgh, NY) and doesn’t have to travel a great distance.

Does anyone here on briarpress have contact info for a trusted mover?

thank y’all :)

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I think a good bet would be Greg Timko:

He seems to be quite experienced with both moving and servicing presses and other equipment. I believe he’s on Long Island, so not far away.


awesome – thank you!

Are you looking for a rigger or someone to set the press up in the new location? I know people who will do both.
Call me at 516-633-5107
American Graphic Equip Corp.

I’d prefer someone who could do both – I will give you a call on Monday… thanks!