Repairing C&P 10x15 Craftsman Press

Hi! I am in the final stages of repairing a C&P 10x15 Craftsman Press that I purchased last year. This is a first time repair/renovate job for me and I am still becoming familiar with this press. When we started the press up with its new motor the ink plate would not consistently rotate. I opened a box near the ink plate and found a peg but no spring. A friend on twitter confirmed there needs to be a spring but he was not able to open the box up enough to see the size or style of spring. I was wondering if anyone here would know what type of spring I am needing and a place I can find such a spring? Attached are images to help with the part location on the press.

Thank you!

image: The peg inside the box where we think a spring is needed.

The peg inside the box where we think a spring is needed.

image: The peg inside the box

The peg inside the box

image: My finger is pointing to the closed box to give location on the press.

My finger is pointing to the closed box to give location on the press.

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Kari, I rebuilt that bit on my press last summer. I’ll try grab a photo of the innards tonight.

I’ll measure the dimensions of the spring as well. Also, there should be two rollers and springs. Does your press only have one roller?

Yes, I only saw one roller pin. Two would make more sense.

Thank you!


The good news: I managed to get my clutch apart without losing pieces. It’s a bit of a mechanical grenade, and if it’s opened without care, a number of parts can easily be permanently lost.

The bad news: I forgot there there’s machined caps between the springs and the rollers.

I threw together a page with a link to a dimensioned drawing of the springs required, and the caps that you’re missing. You can find all that here:

I think a 1/2” x 3/4” dowel pin would suffice just fine for the roller. It’s already hardened and ground, and only a bit shy of the actual length needed. My page includes a link to that and a potential spring candidate at McMaster Carr.

I have been in touch online with a machinist that does good work for a reasonable price — he’d be able to make up the missing caps for you for a very reasonable amount. Message me for his details if you’re interested, and I’ll make an introduction.

Good luck!


You are amazing! Thank you so much for the drawing and information. I have a family contact for a machinist. I will check with them first to see if they can help with spring cap. If not, I might contact you again for the machinist.

Thanks again. And great website name :)


I’m happy to help out a fellow Craftsman owner!

Two other random points:

1. It occurred to me finally that the proper name for the spring cup might be “plunger”.

2. The dimension for depth of the hole in the plunger (.501”) is almost arbitrary, and the one-thou over .500” is just a quirk of my drafting software more than anything. ‘deep enough’ will suffice.

Keep us updated on the fix!


So I have all of the parts and have tried to put it back together on numerous occasions. Do you have any advice on getting it back together correctly? Also, what direction should the peg go? I was assuming it would point outwards like in my picture, but I am not so sure right now.

Thanks in advance,