V-50 Paper feed adjustments

I getting closer to running the V-50 without it picking up 4 or 5 sheets at a time.

How it only pick up 4 or5 sheets at a time after running 20 sheets correctly.

The photos I posted are to show you how I have the adjustments. I know I am doing something wrong. How do I set the screw adjust correctly to only raise the stack a little at a time. It doesn’t help regardless of if I screw it out more or in more.

And the photo of the stack of cover stock, is it set to high.

These are the setting I have before trying to run the press.

image: adustment screw3.jpg

adustment screw3.jpg

image: stack.jpg


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Hello Aaron,
just some observations it looks like you have the sucker way out left and right i would move in a bit and i did not see any sheet separator wires in the front corner.
Ted Lavin

The sheet separator wires are short and at the left and right support arms. I think that might be one of my problems. But, I have not seen longer sheet separator wires.

So, I should bring the suckers closer to the center of the sheet?

I don’t run bigfeet on my V-50 but I have run them on my offset equipment. You can try taking the rubber suckers off the bigfeet & see if that helps.

I have also place scotch tape on the bottom of the rubber suckers to partially cover the suction hole to vary the amount of suction.

I too think getting your sheet separators set better would be a big help.


There are 2 different fluffer wires available—a thin one for regular paper and a heavier one for cover stock and heavier paper.This one looks to be the correct one. I run mine with the tightening nut loose. And I don’t see a dummy shoe on the sucker bar—that’s what regulates pile height. I’ll check my pile height adjustment that Aaron shows and post a picture later.

I do have the dummy shoe in the middle of the bar as you stated in an earlier post.

Aaron—See the last 2 photos in this group that I just took. This was my most recent run on the Vertical—it shows how I have my fluffer wires set and the pile height trip mechanism—yours looks ok, and the pawl placement on the part it turns is critical—adjustments to the adjusting screw are 1/4 turns at a time. It is a delicate setting. Add some chip board to the bottom of your dummy pile height shoe.

See: https://www.flickr.com/photos/53177163@N00/sets/72157633261553972/

I see the clip board would help the adjusting setting.

Second hand info, BUT from the lips of a *Good Ole Boy* who has run V,M,s since mid 50s.
With full compliment of original Sucker Feet/slippers, it has never been considered necessary to resort to Big Foot suckers… The original manual appears to imply this, could it be that with only 2 Big Feet as opposed to 3 original V.M. style across the Bar, 2 only Big Feet are producing Suck through = more than one sheet being picked up.

Has it been suggested, replacing the separator wires (limited tension possibly) with pen steel fingers with almost unlimited variation for strength and flexibility.??

Apparently, As yet no mention has been made of the central Blast/Separator, is their ANY blast available.??

The press came with only a few original Sucker Feet.

Why would a manual reference a competitor’s product? And it just could be that today’s Big Foot came on the market a long time after the several versions of the Miehle operator’s manual was written.

Agree that the center column air blast is critical and the manual refers to that in good detail. There is also the side air blast where the sheet fluffer wires are located. These air posts move up and down so they can be adjusted and are a critical part of sheet separation along with the center post.

A.D. Quoted from Specification Manual, 500+ Pages, Printing Machinery `61 - `62 British Printer.

Miehle Vertical (British Built) Quote reads:-
Type of feeder … …Suction Feeder with front and corner air blast separartion. >>>Verbatim<<< Inc *corner* singular!!!

Stock handled … . Airmail to 5 sheet board.>>Verbatim<<

Addendum Sheet implies, for the time period, British Built V.M.s were supplied with 4 variations/sizes of Sucker Feet.

Perhaps the Big Foot option was force of circumstances at the time.

We have possibly been well blessed, (in this Pip Squeaking little State) with more concentrated Supplies/Suppliers/Enthusiasts/Crackpots, etc.

Apologies if the Ramble is of no help. Good Luck.