Which press is this?

Can anybody out there tell me which press this is? It looks like an Adana to me, but i’m not sure. It doesn’t seem to have any markings. It’s REALLY heavy if that helps! :)

image: IMG_5871.JPG


image: IMG_5868.JPG


image: IMG_5869.JPG


image: IMG_5870.JPG


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Looks like an Adana HS1. You’ll find the manual here: http://drukwerkindemarge.org/downloads/handleidingen/adana_HS2_manual.pd...

Probably, Adana H.S. 2 see Nearside front cast into the base, Serial number stamped into the Platen Proper either top where the bale arm would be on (if it had a bale arm) or left side (platen proper)
The fact that it is pictured with a spare *Bed* probably implies that the Bed retaining bolts have been ripped out on the original. In original form the Bed retaining bolts were crudely cast into the Diecast bed with only about 1/16” spare metal imprisoning the bolts. (check out both!)

Thanks guys, I thought it might be one of the two, just can’t figure out which. It came with two chases, one of which is 6x4, so i’m inclined to think it’s an HS2. The only serial number I can find is here…

image: IMG_5875.JPG


Oli, the serial number is almost certainly on the Platen proper, your picture is probably a production run reference number.

Couple more pointers, to distinguish one from tother!
H.S. 2 is 6 x 4 chase size, approx., H.S.1 is 5 x 3 chase size approx, + the impression screw, under the hand lever on the H.S.2 is a fairly substantial Bolt & Locking nut, whereas on the H.S. 1 the equivalent adjuster (generally) is a *Knurled* bolt, same job different approach. Good Luck…Mick.

Thanks Mick!

It’s a High Speed 2, the 1930s H/S2 is iron and weighs about 15kilo and the later model is H.S.2, is alloy and weighs about 10kilo.
The roller saddles and gripper are High Speed 2.

There are two bearer chases probably because a previous owner wanted to work with a bigger lock up area as suggested in the manual.

The manual is for both the High Speed 1 and the High Speed 2.

****With a careful second look at 5869 J.P.G. pictured at right clearly shows NO Bed securing bolts, refer to my original post.

Have actually perfected a Repair method, for this syndrome, I.E. the central rib that carries the 2 original bolts is just machined of .040”
The original bolts are re introduced and a Steel Strap, 1” wide x 1/8” thick x 2” long is purpose formed, drilled to cover the heads of the bolts and secured with 6 (P.K.) self tapping screws.

Confidently waiting for a *Horses Head* on the Pillow, one dark night from our Alleged ***** Experts