rollers,trucks and cores for cooks victor 6 x 9

i took a punt of a cooks victor 6 x 9 here in the UK i found and under the grime it looks in a pretty clean condition, however i now need to source some rollers, trucks ans cores for it.

can anybody help with advising me who to go to? i would prefer in the UK, but for quickness sakes would buy from the states too.



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I wondered who bought the Victor.

Contact Elli Evans in Milton Keynes.
Her husband makes rollers and runners provided he has some measurements.

Thanks, I’ve got her contact details already however it’s always good to get a personal recommendation. It was me on ebay, been looking to upgrade from an adana 5 x 8 for a long time

I ship rollers up your way all the time, If you want some rubber rollers and steel trucks click on my name. I may have them in stock. Todd Todd’s Press Time LLC