Tape on trucks?

Is there a specific kind of tape used to tape up the trucks on a C&P table top press?

image: C&P.jpg


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I always used electrical tape, it lasts a long time.

Vinyl tape from your stationery/office supply store works well also.

I always use foil tape which is the same stuff used to hold HVAC duct. Its metal, and super stick and strong.


I use masking tape from the 99 cent store, works great, price is right.

Technically speaking the recommended tape for taping rails and trucks is Ultra-high-molecular-weight (UHMW) tape that’s available from NA Graphics and other vendors. For most tabletop applications, though, masking tape or the other recommendations above should be perfectly fine.

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There’s a seemingly easy-to-fix-yet-impossible-to-fix bug in Briar Press that causes it to choke on any uploaded image with a ‘&’ in the url. The image from the first post can be viewed here:


Thanks for all of the input. The recommendations really helped.