Wrench Size

I think I need to adjust the bolt below the platen on my 8x12.

The impress is more on the bottom on the sheet than the top.

I was running a solid text form 20 pics wide and 30 pics deep. Had the form locked up 30 pics along the gauge pins. So the text from about half the way down has more impression.

Should I adjust the top screws of the platen to correct this problem?

If so, I do not know the correct open end wrench for these bolts. I ned to purchase a larger open end, but do not want to purchase many sizes, as wrenches over 7/8” it costly.

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I seem to remember 1” being the size for the platen bolts on an 8x12. However I just have a large adjustable spanner for this job… fits every press I have and I’m never looking for the right size open end.


Measure what you need and let me know. I have plenty of spanner and open end wrenches that I can sell at inexpensive prices.
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1-1/8” fits my 8x12 New style. I use two so I can put one on both bolts when tightening.