Ball-handle on heidelberg Windmill


I have a red ball and i notice that the red ball-handle moves during printing ! Is it normal ?
A video here:

Do you know how to fix that ?
Thanks for your help.

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have you checked your shear collar ? im not the most experience but from what ive seen it looks like you might need a new shear collar. When you put the lever into impression is the handle loose or does it lock in ?

I have already change the shear collar and yes, the lever is locked ! I noticed that for this press, I always need to be at least 3 on the pressure lever whatever paper … not very normal.

okay yeah something doesnt sound right there but unfortunately i dont have enough experience to help you. hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge can chime in :)

Sorry to say, but a bearing is damaged.

@Typenut, can you tell me more about your hypothesis ?
is it a rare part ?
Is it hard to change ?

Thanks a lot

An former printer told me it’s a start of seize up…!?
What do you think about ?