Farley proof press

We have a Farley proof press we are trying to restore. It has no table feed and no inking rollers. It came with no nut on the impression roller on the side with the adjustment knob. It worked fairly easy but after cleaning it up and putting a nut on that side of the impression roller it became very difficult to move. Should there be some kind of spacer on it to prevent over tightening?

Bud Obst, Ferrymead Printing Society, Christchurch, New Zealand

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I will look at my farley the weekend, I have never adjusted this but other proof presses I have from memory they normally have 2 nuts 1 for adjustment and the other for locking on to the first and keeping it in position I think they have an eccentric bearing which if you get it to tight would make it difficult to move, it is just a case of getting it in the right position not to loose and not to tight, hope this helps.


Here are a couple of pictures, there is a washer behind the nut on the top impression roller, you adjust the bottom bearings with a screwdriver and then lock with the nut in picture, hope this helps.


image: SAM_0140.JPG


image: SAM_0141.JPG


Thanks John and Liz for the info and pics. I have a Heidelberg mechanic helping me so will show this to him. - Bud