Eaglecreek Ludlow Museum Midwestern Pick-ups

In the effort to pick-up items for the planned Eaglecreek Ludlow Museum, my yearly excursion is to the Midwestern States.
I will be traveling May 15th thru the 20th from Northeast Ohio, along Southern border of MI, northern border of IL, thru Chicago, close to Rockford, IL and first planned stop is to Freeport, IL. on north to WI thru Monroe, out skirts of Madison, WI. to Andover, MN and Oak Grove, MN. Then our return trip is to where ever the roads lead.
I purchased items I have to pick-up.
You have any Ludlow Items? If I have time, I would be willing to travel to the states of N. Dakota, S. Dakota or Iowa.

Close by a city I am traveling thru? I might stop to say Hi.
Contact me by Clicking my name.

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UPDATE.. Returned home, had a good trip for the most part.
My first stop was to check out two Ludlows and they were unable to be removed from the building. —advise, even though it’s offered for sale, when you think you asked all the questions you could, ask more. Door measurements, removal routes thru building and loading dock heights and cargo elevators, (do they work or know how to use them?). Ask if the floors will support and if their willing to help at all. Don’t just figure because there in the building they can come out.
(2nd stop) I visited Mike at his home in Minnesota, M. C. Publishing Company where I picked up 54 Drawers of Ludlow matrix. I didn’t get to bring anything else back home.
Then from MN, I drove (3rd Stop) to Ackley, Iowa to Ackley Publishing. Jim Daggs. Nice shop would be an understatement, great Ludlow selection of Mats, two floors. I’d say the largest selection in the Midwest.

Grand Daddy of them all…

Off to planning the next trip. Have any Ludlow Matrix?