Ludlow L and Ludlow M

I am thinking of purchasing a ribbon award business. They currently have 2 Ludlow’s in working order and 4 cabinets. How difficult will it be to sell this equipment? Does anyone ever ship them anywhere? I am in the Seattle area.
Additionally, do these typographs need to be ventilated when in use?
I apologize if this is not appropriate material for your forum but I can not find anyone here who knows anything about the typographs.

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If they have gas crucibles, they should be vented. Electric crucibles shouldn’t need it.

Thank you for the private and other responses. Very useful information. Does anyone know if these typographs are in demand or if I will be able to sell them if the business goes to digital printing.

Are they electric or gas? Gas is a bit cheaper to run (I’m told), but more difficult to hook up (needs a gas line put in).
Electric, more costly to run in the long term; but easier to hook up (electrical is just, easier to rig and plug in.)

If someone really wants one they’ll find a way, but the casual “oh that’d be great” buyer is more likely to seek electric by my thinking.

The most valuable component of the Ludlow system are the mats. They are sought out by various operators and have a resale value, especially if more decorative fonts (anything but Tempo).

Super information Mike. That is just what I wanted to know.

Let me know if you end up wanting to sell them…again it helps to know if they are electric hookup.

Tempo has to be the hottest type face on the market. Every shop has tons of that face.