More European borders, possibly Stempel?

More borders I would like help identifying.

No pinmarks whatsoever. And again I believe the type was milled down to be American type high, just like my previous post. I am wondering if these are Stempel as well, or perhaps another European foundry. Possibly mid 20th century.

I’d like to find either an actual copy of a Stempel catalogue or a digital version that I can look at online, but I haven’t found either so far.

In the meantime, any help identifying these would be appreciated. Thank you!

image: Euro - mystery 6.jpg

Euro - mystery 6.jpg

image: Euro - mystery 7.jpg

Euro - mystery 7.jpg

image: Euro - mystery 8.jpg

Euro - mystery 8.jpg

image: Euro - mystery 9.jpg

Euro - mystery 9.jpg

image: Euro - mystery 11.jpg

Euro - mystery 11.jpg

image: Euro - mystery10.jpg

Euro - mystery10.jpg

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