Hi friends…. Sorry for going all DChurchman up in here but I’ve got some “stuff” and I’m not even sure what it is. We’ve been cleaning out the workshop and found some boxes full of things from my husband’s Grandpa’s print shop, which was Westminster Press here in Winona Lake, IN for those who are interested. We’re not sure whether to scrap it or pass it along to an interested party. If you see something you like - let me know and we’ll send it to you for the cost of shipping.
Thanks all! Sorry DC - I only connect you with the “stuff” part - not the “not sure what it is” part. ;)

image: stuff.jpg


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Hello M-Bee…. I do see at least one thing that could be interesting: the cylinder in the lower right corner. Do you have a better pic, or more detail about it? How big is it? Does it have a gear on one end? Is is aluminum or iron…. Is the print surface free of gouges? that sort of thing.

Also- what are the rolled up things in the tub?

Catergorically, Please, SCRAP NOTHING, . . Too much has been lost in the past. Many of us have been guilty without looking to the future.
Pure guesswork from the one shot:- Bookbinders hand tools,? Parts from Pen ruling M/c.? both longshots

Shafts with friction wheels pinch wheels, Rubber/Nylon etc and reasonably certain (bottom left) Feed/Delivery assembly with movable side standards from Multilith/Gestelith/Hamada, All small litho M/c,s OR possibly feed board from *Bandafold* = Small tabletop folding Machine, possibly explains the shafts with friction wheels.

Difficult query, Apologies when you are asking the questions !! Is it possible that on the last knockings, Grandpa may have had small Litho M/c, and/or small Tabletop Folding M/c. Usually went hand in hand, the Litho ripping off impressions at up to 9,000 I.P.H.
The *Bandafold* or American equivalent would easily match that in folding, one “buckle” fold (A4 2 up) Flyers Handbills etc.

Apologies for rubbish, may jog a few memories or give the New Ones a few items to look up, i.e. Table tops & Buckle folders. Good luck. Mick.

i think the feedboard is either a Multilith or AB Dick… maybe from a 320…. as is the cylinder. but that’s just a guess.

The brackets on top of the feedboard look interesting, too.

Looks like a ‘shoot’ delivery tray from a multilith.

hhhmmmm….. (pondering)…. if it were a delivery tray, wouldn’t it have a backstop?

I’m sticking with my ABDick 320 feedtray theory, but i must admit that Mick’s “Paper Folder Feed Tray” does sound like a good possibility, too. I once had the “American Equivalent” from MBM….. and it had a similar tray. I’m guessing that someone who needs that tray will recognize it, and clue us all in to it’s true origin.

These are from a Multi , probably 11 x 17” from the gap in the cylinder. The brackets are from Townsend T-51 2nd color head that must have been on the press at some time. The delivery chute is Multi (looks too short for a 17” sheet though), rubber feeder rolls. are also Multilith.

IF it should prove to be a delivery tray (big if) it would normally be expected to be seen with both side guides adjustable, because (generally) the stream feeders could be set to *LAY* and feed into the grippers on the cylinder on either side.!!
Plus and again generally, the delivery would be accompanied with the same, either side guides, with stainless steel *L* shaped infinitely adjustable bottom stop, and either a thin Pen Steel guide finger, to conduct flimsy stock down on to the pile.


A combined Pen steel finger & a Fine braided copper strip to conduct the static away.???

And (for the New Ones possibly) on a small litho running, say, 2 part 3 part N.C.R. sets, at that speed there is normally a lot of static, especially if it (the M/c.) is equipped with the obligatory Rubber shock absorbent feet.

W.C.P. *Play it cool Daddio* to the right person, that/those part(s) could be worth “A few $,s more”.

Thanks and Good Luck Mick.

wow- copper-braided anti-static tinsel. That brings up many painful memories of running 3part NCR in the cold dry air of Winter. It never failed to jam up just when you turned away to prepare a fresh ream, or add some ink to your fountain. Those were the days, my friend.

Here are some more detailed pictures for you…

Then again…maybe not.