need assistance in identifying press and future needs for it

Hello Community:

I have a student in my beginning letterpress class who recently acquired a small hand press. We are unsure of its maker, history, and where obtain parts. Can anyone help us with these.
I have attached a couple pictures of the press - it is small, about a 2 x 3 print area.

Thank you

Dianne Roman
teaching at Virginia Commonwealth University

image: IMG0020Sm.jpg


image: IMG0024sm2.jpg


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Probably rubbish, apologies in advance. but few clues to investigate, from the top:- Identification plate missing from either side rear main frame, small screw holes in the base filled with paint or gunk.! Casting mark(s) under the impression handle,? Casting mark(s) right up inside the base.? . . Serial number, make, model, stamped into the bed, under where the chase would sit.? . . Serial number etc stamped into the Platen proper, under the top bale arm, or either side beyond the tympan area.?

It looks complete to me — a bit dirty and a bit of surface rust, but a little work on the ink disc with medium-fine steel wool, and maybe on the bed as well, and a wipe-down of the rollers (one of which at least looks dented on the right end though that may just be the photo angle) and set some type and lock it up and print with it — that will reveal any other problems if any exist. I don’t know these little presses very well but I would guess a Sigwalt Chicago, maybe their #10.

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I am the student named in the post. Thank you so much for the replies, with some guidance from romandl, we think it is indeed a Sigwalt Chicago. So I did lot of research last night and found some great info about Sigwalt.
To my knowledge, The one I have is a Chiago no.11 because of the two rollers. I believe it is from the 50’s or 60’s considering the original owners shop age. I will have to go talk to him soon.

Here is a link to the original manual!

Marketing material from the 50’s:

I read many more articles if anyone wants more!