class? - Chicago

Hello all -
I’m in Chicago area and I’m very interested in taking a basic letterpress class. Does anybody have any idea where I can take it?
I think Columbia college is offering a class, but it was from January thru March. :(

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Definitely attend the classes at the Columbia Book and Paper Center, another place to look into is, haven’t checked it out yet, but I know they offer class as well.

the hamilton wood type museum is haveing a work shop in May.

Also try Evanston Print & Paper Shop, they have great classes and workshops!

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago has a continuing education letterpress class offered in the evening in the fall (2009). That is in addition to regular daytime for-credit letterpress classes.

Hi Staza,

I have a letterpress printing museum in Zion, Il, an hour North of Chicago by car or train. I have an intern program where I trade interested people an hours’ worth of instruction for an hours help around the museum. Let me know if you are interested.