8x12 C&P Treadle Hook Up

Good evening all, well I just got my first Chandler & Price 8x12 letterpress. Thanks to Karla from the Wray Print Shop out in Colorado. the press has a motor with what appears to be a foot operated pedal (would like a bit more elaboration on how this motor works). Can anyone here tell me how to hook up the treadle on this press?

Maybe provide some pictures of how it is connected to the press. I’m a newbie to letterpress hence the reason for hooking up the treadle instead of the motor, but I wouldn’t mind getting information on how that aspect of the press works. For now the treadle will do until I am comfortable enough to hook the motor up. I will add pictures of the press later on this morning…

Thank you all.

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Welcome aboard. The 8 x 12 C& P is a great press. Hopefully yours is in good condition and hasn’t been abused.
The first consideration about the use of a treadle is to make sure that crank has a bend in it and is not a straight shaft.
This would be the main shaft coming across, left to right from the center of the flywheel. If it does not have a bend (u shaped) it will not accept the link hook for a treadle.
There are many threads on Briarpress about treadles for this press. They range from making one from scratch to clever ways to adapt a straight shaft to work with a treadle.
For now here are three pix. One is the dimensions of the proper treadle, the other show how the hook goes over that shaft, and the third shows how the treadle attaches to the cross piece at the back. If you can provide pix or more info on where you are having trouble we are all here to help.
Last thought, make sure you remove the drive belts when you are using the treadle you don’t need the added weight or friction fighting you.
good luck, keep us posted.

image: Treadle back of press.jpg

Treadle back of press.jpg

image: Treadle hook on shaft.jpg

Treadle hook on shaft.jpg

image: Treadle diagram.jpg

Treadle diagram.jpg

Steve thank you for the pictures I do appreciate it. I’m trying to upload the new pictures but for some reason only the pictures of it being moved out of the building are appearing. Will check on the file size maybe thats what is screwing up.

I will check on the press as far as the shaft and all that other good stuff, it’s unfortunate that I had to go out on business I’d rather be cleaning it up right about now. I ordered a nice C&P branded chase and got a nice Redington Counting machine to replace the one the press currently has.

One more question, I keep reading on forums about your press name??? is this the company name or should I actually name the press. I thought maybe others (a few) and I named their press, like I mentioned before I’m new to the letterpress realm but I did know 5 yrs or so ago that I would get one after watching a video of a pilot press doing some printing. This lead to my purchase of my first registration pins.

And the Convo will keep on, I will try to load pictures of the press hopefully by this evening. Thanks again Steve!!

image: 5.jpg


image: 4.jpg


image: 3.jpg


image: 1.jpg


After moving it out of the building and getting it loaded on the truck I did secure the platen and flywheel with some ratchet strapping and also did remove the counter, rollers and ink disc. This was a hell of a move and thought it was never going to end. But the folks over at The Wray Print Shop in Colorado got me a forklift and had it loaded on the transport truck. They did enclose it in plywood and tarps just to be safe.