C&P 14.5 x 22 model 3 issues

so I am new to these machines and my company has 10 of them we use for die cutting and foil stamping. I am having a issue with one machine having a inconsistent and uneven impression from side to side. I have a experienced operator as well and we have used excessive make ready, maxed out adjustment on machine, adjusted heat . there is definite difference in the sound of the machine every 3rd hit which corresponds with the unacceptable impression. So I this leads me to believe we had a worn out part some where but nothing looks irregular during operation. If someone could direct me to a person or company that I could speak with for technical assistance on this machine I would be deeply indebted.
Thanks in advance.

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Check the platen lock and/or dwell springs.

Ooops, The model 3 doesn’t have dwell springs so I gotta believe it’s the platen lock.