Looking for ink formula for Pantone 7462

Apparently I do not have the latest expensive pantone book and my client wants pms 7462 so I don’t have the mixing formula. If anyone has it could they please list it. I went to pantone.com but I couldn’t find it - they list all the other formulas CMYK, RGB, HEX but not the ink formulas.

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Pantone’s website indicates that a CMYK formula would be 77, 33, 9, 11. That’s for uncoated paper, but it’s also probably for offset — if you’re printing it letterpress, even with a very thin ink film, the color will probably be darker than the swatch in a Pantone book You may need to add some white to bring it up to a close match.


7462 c

ref blue 35.5
pan yellow 6.2
rub red 4.2
Trans white 54.1

2 3/4 pts Pantone Yellow 6.2
1 7/8 pts Pantone Rub. Red 4.2
15 7/8 pts Pantone Ref. Blue 35.5
24 1/8 pts Pantone Trans. White 54.1