When you have extra time in life!

If you own a Intertype or Linotype and you lost for something to do. Just turn any of the magazines upside that doesn’t have a back stop plate on it.

I wasn’t thinking last when I wanted to check one of my magazines that had a spring hanging up on the mat release.

In seconds of turning the magazine up side down to check the spring, I heard some thing that all Linotype/Intertype operators have heard.

So for the next hour I have the fun of picking up all the magazines and replacing them into the magazine.

So, the next time you have nothing to do in your shop and want to spend any hour of more playing pick up you can turn a magazine upside down that missing the back plate.

image: When you have nothing to do!.jpg

When you have nothing to do!.jpg

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No joy in Mudville.

However, you do have the advantage of a clean floor.

Think of all the poor Lino operators who wind up doing this far more frequently. Every magazine I’ve pi’d has been a Lino mag.

Would’ve been a good time to brush out the magazine (smiley face).

Picking up pi’d mats has given me a greater appreciation for how many of the little buggers there are in a single magazine.