Paper Mill Support

Two paper companies, Mohawk and Neenah, are actively supporting the use of their papers with letterpress printers. Mohawk sent out this morning a link to their promotional site that features a listing of letterpress printers and numerous applications of their paper.

Neenah is also very active. They had a nicely done display at the Ladies of Letterpress event this past weekend at Mt. Pleasant and had numerous samples of their paper and many samples of actual letterpress work to look at.

It just may be that current letterpress activity is significant enough that the large outfits are sitting up and taking note of us. Also exhibiting was Hodgins Engraving Co. from Batavia, New York, with an exhibit of some exquisite engraving along with their photoengraving and photopolymer plate making service. Another superb display was the Harry Otto Printing Co. from Elburn, Illinois. In addition to being letterpress printers, they specialize in hand bordering, deckle edging, laminating and very nice edge work on card stock including coloring, gilding and beveled edges. Both of these sources had some outstanding work on display.

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I received in the mail yesterday a nice letter and deep impression sample from a photo engraver in CA (I’m in CT). The letter was expounding the quality of their photo-polymer plate and other services. Seemed like a fairly big outfit but the name escapes me at the moment.

I guess us little letterpress hobbyist have garnered some attention.

I believe you might mean Crown Flexo?