Golding Official 4 parts needed

I am looking for some rollers and a chase for the Golding Official no. 4. Does anyone have a source and their contact info?

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For rollers look in the roller section of the Yellow Pages on this site. Ramco Roller is good for rubber rollers (and trucks if you need them), Tarheel makes composition rollers, and there are others as you will see. Todds Press Time may be able to help as well.

For a chase, this is a little harder. Keep looking on eBay, put a wanted ad in the classifieds on this site, etc. You, (or perhaps if you have a woodworker friend), could also make a plywood chase for use until you find a metal one. This is fairly common. Because of the way Official chases are held in the bed of the press by little projections on the sides of the chase, it will be a bit of a challenge to duplicate these on the plywood chase, but I’m sure it can be done.

I am going to restore my Golding Official #4 as well, and over a period of a few years I have been able to find two chases.

John Falstrom (for reference he is the second poster on this thread):

is one of the authorities on Golding presses so it is always good to talk to him about your questions and needs.