Windmill Roller Trucks

I just received the beautiful new rollers for my new windmill press, and realized that the device for removing and replacing the trucks is not a part of this press. Anyone have any good methods for doing this?

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In the factory issue parts book is listed T2432F (normally attatched to the machine) from the rear left side, outboard of the reciprocating ink drum is located T2432F for pulling of & pressing on Trucks.
If this device is absent a tiny simple 2 legged D.I.Y. puller will extract Trucks and for refitting (in the absence of even a tiny bearing press) a Copper/Hide hammer and a Socket spanner (long reach spark plug type or similar) will drift the replacements ON with just a modicom of gentle taps.

Lining the Dogs/Lugs up on the way in of course.!

Good Luck. Mick.

I’ll respectfully add that when pressing/driving on the bearings, it is best to press on the inner race (close to the shaft). A tube (or socket as suggested) just a bit bigger than the roller shaft should do. Tapping on the outer race can damage the bearings.