Filling in missing type characters

Hello All,
Can anyone advise the best way to fill in a few missing foundry type letters to complete a few Fonts? I recently came across a 30 pt Caslon Old Style font missing the capital C and a 24 and 30 pt Homewood missing the Capital J.
What is the best way to complete these fonts? Will a foundry make just a few letters or will I just need to advertise to see if anyone has some spares? Any other suggestions?
Same question for some recently acquired wood type.

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Good luck
There are very few type founders left
Those that remain will cast what are called sorts. A specific number of specific letters. This is if they have the moulds for that particular typeface.
A Cap C from foundry B may not match the baseline for a Cap C from whatever foundry cast your type.
Check with M & H Type Foundry in San Francisco. If they cast those type faces they can provide sorts. They will probably ask you to provide a couple of specific letters so they can adjust and match the baseline.
It will not be inexpensive, but might make a workable font.


Mold is what the Type is cast in, Mat is what the Type is cast From.

They need to have the proper mat to cast Sorts.

If you could post a picture of those fonts or send them to me by message I can take a look at our sorts to see if I can spot those. No promises but I can give it a try.

We have literally 1000’s of sorts that have been orphaned by their families.

When I have time…I sort them by pt size or font and sell them on Ebay. Hoping it allows people to find the ones they might be missing.

Thanks for the great replies. Mnmom I will contact you with the details and will give M and H a shot as well!