Gem N0.1 platen

I have a Gem No.1 press. The problem is the impression handle travels back & forth when treadling the machine. You can’t release the impression. All seems to be there but the machine was well rusted when I got it so I’m just thinking the shaft must be rusted inside but all attempts so far to move it have failed. Any thoughts on this?

image: gem lever 7.7.15 0032.jpg

gem lever 7.7.15 0032.jpg

image: gem lever 7.7.15 0022.jpg

gem lever 7.7.15 0022.jpg

image: gem lever 7.7.15 0012.jpg

gem lever 7.7.15 0012.jpg

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It appears, in these photos, that the impression lever (throw-off) causes a bar to change the position of the eccentric shaft upon which the platen is hinged. One of two things could be happening:

1. The shaft is indeed rusted where it passes through its bearing surfaces. This could be loosened up in time with application of de-rusting lube products.

2. The collar which rotates the shaft (connected to the throw-off has a broken taper pin, so the throw-off has no effect. If the handle moves, but the shaft does not rotate, this could be the issue, and the original pin could be removed and replaced with a new one.

John Henry

Thanks for that JH. I have had the mechanism off & tried to move the shaft by making up a clamp type tool but still no movement even though soaked in kero & oil. I even drilled a couple of holes along the cross shaft to get to the inner cam thing but ,nothing. Pinned the collar back on but it still travels back & forth with the action of the machine. More daily doses of oil! John