Victorian Ashlock composing machine

There is a Victorian composing machine on ebay UK, has anybody seen/used one of these?

image: comp1.jpg


image: comp2.jpg


image: comp3.jpg


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Seen & or Used? Yes and No? . . Politicians response of course.!!
Mid 50,s in Printing Dept of Technical College, Sussex U.K. this type of machine, was used as Demo to illustrate the perfected (Ottmar Mergenthaler,s) Escapement mechanism for dropping the Mats from the Channel,s on the Linotype.

Re discovered some moth eaten, tatty, notes, from many moons ago (own note book) with reference to Ottmar being involved with, Horology somehow! before Tolbert Lanston, *Wound Him up*
60 years later realized the significance and the connection.

Re the Backdrop on both E Bay & Briar Press, shrewd move, good thinking.?