Roller Rack

Forgive if I’ve posted pics of this before.
It is just something I made w/ scrap plywood and a little
White Wood. Gotten a lot of use out of it; both as a holder to wash up rollers and apply grease to the bearings.

image: RollerRackFr.jpg


image: RollerRackEnd.jpg


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Nice rack.
Grease to what bearings?
Light grease will not harm anything, but oil is the lubricant to be used.

There are bearings pressed on to each end of the rollers
using the handy bearing press/puller on the back corner of the Heidelberg 10x15 (delivery side)
These bearings have to kept packed with grease;
my bad for not specifying press

Curious if you have the specs for this? I’d love to make one of these!

I guess that one would be able to make that without any specs…

everythingisfine (et alia):

Geez, Thought no one would ever ask.
But seriously folks, as t. gravemaker noted, it is a pretty simple thing to do and “design” in this case was driven by scraps at hand, size of paws, clearance, etc.
Anyhow, here are some basic dimens. and will throw in
a pic of some stays recently added to hold rollers in slot/s.

image: RollerRack-Stays.jpg


image: RackDimens.jpg


I will be selling this roller rack in the classifieds or ebay soon. I was wondering if anyone could tell me which flatbeds has rollers 24” - 26” long? or platens? I guess it could even be used for folder rollers.

image: Roller Rack.jpg

Roller Rack.jpg