Chandler and Price 10x15 motor belt

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has a source for belts? I have the kimble motor, brown leather belt, they seem to be pretty common on these. I have attached a few pics below. Mine belt broke yesterday.

image: IMG_9245.jpeg


image: IMG_4313 2.jpeg

IMG_4313 2.jpeg

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Belting / power transmission shops can make one for you. Its a routine task for them.
Find one local or on line.

Hi Paul!
I have this exact belt and motor if you’re looking to purchase one. I don’t have all the parts for the motor mount and just decided to use a treadle, as I don’t do many large quantities and operating by hand is easy enough. The belt is leather, and in good condition. I live in Seattle and would be willing to ship to you. I’m not sure what these run for, but maybe shoot out a price and we can negotiate. My email is [email protected] if you’d like to discuss!

hi Paul, that pulley design was made to drive directly on the flywheel, no belt required.

Hi Nick, not sure what you mean? The belt holds the motor up and turns the wheel. At least it did before it broke.

Leather belts can be repaired. I had one laced with wax string by a fella that repaired hockey equipment. Used it for 10 years on a 12x18 C&P.