String and Button envelopes

Hi everyone, I’m looking for any information on making string and button envelopes. We are interested in both handmade and automated, what sort of equipment is required?


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Well, my guess would be to use a grommet and setter (the likes of used by paper crafters,) to anchor a disk to wrap the string around. Something like that maybe?

One more gimmick from a long long time ago.?

Male/Female *Pop* Studs = the type used extensively before Velcro, i.e Babies sleeping gear, Tunics, Blouses etc.etc.
Still widely available on E bay Multi packs with applicator tool.

The envelope with its reinforcing ring/disc took the place of the material and carried the Female *popper* the Male *popper* merely entombed the Cord, String, Sailcloth thread, (In some cases Coloured looked good!).
Experiments and variations included *M/F* Pop studs on the flap of the envelope and the body OR one m/f stud on the flap and Mother of Pearl Button Sewn on to the body of the envelope, (just for fun even put a tiny drop of sealing wax to cover the knots between the 4 holes of the buttons, thread *borrowed/* from the Finishing dept normally used for sewing sections of books.) … . . Good Luck.

There are several videos on Youtube on how to make string tie, or string and button envelopes, the slow crafter way. I only looked at this one but maybe there are others which are faster.

We die cut the buttons with a 3/16 hole in the middle, and eyelet them to the envelope or folder with a Stimpson eyelet machine. Running the string through the hole before it’s
eyelet is clinched.