Tint Base from Gans = Sticky & Not Spreading

Hi Folks!

I have been using a relief base transparent medium from Dan Smith and have switched over to Gans. I told the salesman that I needed transparent medium for letterpress. The can he sold me says “Sheetfed Tint Base (No Dryer).”

I noticed how much stickier it is than the former product. Today I mixed my color and got it on the plate (C&P 10x15). The rollers weren’t even picking up the ink…it just stayed there.

Its not that cold down there so I don’t think it’s temperature. Maybe wrong ink? I have the original rubber rollers that are in decent shape…trucks could probably be upgraded, but didn’t have trouble with my original transparent medium. Maybe thinking could be how I clean the press and possible residue left on the plate/rollers. I usually clean with regular veg oil then follow up with Varn California Wash. But again, didn’t have trouble before switching.

Any insights would be super appreciated!
Thanks, Katie

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Are you working with oil based ink? I often use setswell (Hanco variety) and mix a small amount into my tint base, however, I’m a hobby printer and you may want to take advice from the more seasoned individuals on this forum.

Thanks Adam, I’m using oil based ink currently. Did a little more research and am going to try switching out my trucks…just ordered from NA Graphics. They have the Delrin sets so we’ll see how that goes.

Ahh, to be on the learning curve!!

I would not think the trucks would have any bearing (excuse the pun) on the ink being distributed on the ink disk. The most likely culprit is something of lower tack remaining on the rollers which reject the ink and don’t allow it to pick up. Vegetable oil could be the problem. I would do a very deep clean with mineral spirits would solve the conundrum.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Laugh at Me, laugh with Me, but when you finish laughing, TRY the following just once, sounds disgusting yes of course! when you have finished with all the fancy solvents etc etc. merely spit on the rollers and disc - wipe of with absorbent paper towel.
40/50 years ago, Human saliva was the best decontaminate (bar none) on Small Adana,s Ajax,s, Sqintani/s.

Wow! Thanks for the tips! I’m a nature girl so spitting all over my equipment won’t be a problem to try. I’m about ready to head downstairs and give the ink another try. I’ll let you all know how it goes

Thanks for the tips to send me on my experimental way with confidence ;0)

Here to report that the spit worked! Thanks Mick!