ACME Self-Clamping Cutter

I have an “ACME” self-clamping cutter from The Child Acme Cutter and Press Company. It is very similar if not the exact thing to the picture that is listed. I am looking for anyone that has an idea what this is worth. Any information regarding it would be wonderful.

image: 81YBY7FL1iL._SL1500_.jpg


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How big is the cutter, in other words how wide a sheet can it cut?

My two cents worth:

That technology, where you get a flywheel spinning by a line shaft or electric motor, and then engage the clutch to use the energy built up in the flywheel to run the cutter through a cycle, is largely obsolete now, and makes the cutter heavy.

I think most cutters in use now, are either manual or hydraulic.

Especially if it is large, I’m not sure you could find a buyer, other than a museum or (perish the thought) a scrap dealer.