10 pt metal type symbols


Does anyone know where I can obtain 10 pt “@ and #” symbols? I have a set of news gothic metal type- but I am finding it hard to find out of the ordinary characters like the hashtag and @ marks. Any help would be appreciated!

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Quaker City Type in Honeybrook, PA sells small sets of these things.

Thanks!! Much appreciated!

In slightly larger sizes (14, 18, 24, 30, 36) it is cast and carried by Skyline Type Foundry. It’s a part of Sky’s “Collection No. 6” containing @ # [cent] % / * ] ) If by chance you’re in Los Angeles, he’ll be at the LA Printers’ Fair this weekend.

See: http://skylinetype.com/type-borders/

David M.

Baltimore Type manufactured Handy Boxes that contained # and @ signs from 6pt on up. They also included them in symbols collections. I have a new Handy Box #38 that contains the following symbols in 12pt if you are interested:
%,@,paragraph sign, cent sign,\, and Rx sign. If looking for other symbols I have other Handy Boxes with check marks, accents, fractions, etc.
Contact me at 516-633-5107 cell/text