Heidelberg Track for Crescent needs replaced, part T0628, any advice?


I’ve been running a Heidelberg 10x15. There’s a rattling sound in the cylinder that’s gotten worse over the last year. I inspected the track for crescent, part T0628, and part of a fin is broken off. I’m feeling confident that’s the source of the sound. I found a replacement part (expensive….$488 from an online retailer) and wonder if this is a “reasonable” price for the part. I’m sure it’s not in high demand so they can charge whatever they want. I’m probably lucky I can get the part at all.

I’m also wondering if anyone has advice on removing the inking cylinder and replacing part T0628. I searched everywhere and was unable to find a tutorial or even someone that talks about replacing this part. Any advice would be appreciated.

This is the closest discussion I could round up. It shows the part etc.

It doesn’t look easy, but it doesn’t look impossible either. I’m sure the experts in this forum have some experiences that would save me some grief. I’ve been a long time reader and greatly appreciate the collective knowledge on this site. Thanks in advance!

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I will check to see if I have a good used one. Where are you located?
Larry 516-633-5107
American Graphic Equip Corp

I’m in Cleveland, OH. Thanks for checking on it, Larry.

did you get my response? I have been sending emails through Briar’s system and they haven’t been getting to recipients.
Call or text 516-633-5107