Hamilton Wayzgoose Print Swap

I am curious if the print swap at the Hamilton Wayzgoose in November is free or nearly free to attend? Their website doesn’t say anything about it specifically.

I can’t attend the entire weekend, but would like to make the trip to attend the print swap on Sunday if it’s going to be well attended and have a lot of offerings and neat things to look at and purchase.

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I’ll defer to someone at Hamilton to make a definitive call on this. I have been to every one of these except the first one (and I sent them a poster as a keepsake for that event).

Basically the museum is closed to the public during their Wayzgoose so that only those registered or involved with the Wayzgoose have access. On top of that, the museum would normally be closed on Sunday, so I have serious doubts that the swap meet would be opened up to anyone simply walking in for that. It is also preceded on Sunday morning by a talk or presentation, which is an integral part of the Wayzgoose.