Famous edge painting

I know, there is a big secret around the edge painting method so i’m not here to ask you the receipe. I’ve experiment many way, spray paint, knife, roller but even if i think i’m close to the solution, i have some doubt !
Please look at these photos, for the moment, it’s the best result for me but i’m not convinced… What do you think about it ?
I made it with a roller and vanson rubber base ink. I don’t push on the roller, i just let his weight apply the ink. Do you add anything in your ink before edge painting ? Do you remove clamp immediatly ?
Thanks for your help.
(sorry for my english, i’m french)

image: IMG_2861.JPG


image: IMG_2862.JPG


image: IMG_2863.JPG


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You are French and your Guillotine is not sharp ?!
( sorry could not resist the history related remark )
It looks like your edges are curling down because of the dull blade. That makes it difficult to line up the cards in the padding press and ink will seep between the cards, and also you will end up with a ink reinforced hard burr on the bottom of the card.

If I may, I would add to Louie’s comments- I think some (many) people skip a step when splitting pieces out of larger sheets- like cards- or cutting out pieces that have handling area around them. It’s best to trim the ‘meat’ off and then trim a small amount off after- like 1/32” or so.
This saves the blade from ‘pulling’ the stack forward and gives a finish cut edge to the piece.
Sometimes if you are cutting too much off, particularly with thicker stocks, the bevel is exacerbated as well, and a rough cut then a ‘finish’ cut will solve the problem.

It helps if you have a programmable cutter, but you can do it with a manual as well- it’s just 8 cuts instead of 4 ;-)

Another thing- I don’t use a padding press, just a couple of blocks of wood and a C-Clamp. You need the wood ends to be a bit smaller than the pieces you’re edging, but you can more or less jog a square pile and clamp together tight.
I always sand the edges a bit before edging, to be honest- I find it makes them cleaner.
A ‘sanding sponge’ with #220 grit, and a small circular pattern for about 10 seconds a side makes a world of difference for me.

Good luck!

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When you said “cut the meat OFF” what does that mean ?
Thanks !

It means take off most of the excess (the meat, or a rough cut), and then shave off the final cut (the shave, or the fine cut)

Thanks HavenPress, i will try !

I’ve never done edge painting, but I thought I’d add I LOVE the look of these cards!

hey there! if you are willing to invest in supplies, this is the most helpful video out there:


hope it helps…it did for me!


Very interesting …

But, how would this work on 350 invitations, matching edge paint to the face printed PMS colour?

I use Martha Stewart acrylic paint for gold and silver only.
Brushing it on with a foam brush. Dries fast and does not seep between the cards. Clean-up is easy.

Am I the only one offering 1800+ Pantone Solid colours for edge painting?