Where to begin?

I’m interested in learning about all things letterpress - the presses, equipment, and the process of printing things like invitations, business cards, etc. My goal is to turn letterpress into my career. I realize this is long term goal and much training and education is needed. I’m willing and excited to put in the hard work but am trying to figure out where to start.

How is the best way to get educated and work at the same time? Any apprenticeships or intro work that would allow me to learn the craft would be great but I am having a hard time finding any job listings anywhere in my region. How is the best way to find work or decide what type of education or workshops are most beneficial? I’m open to anything that will educate me about the trade and community.

I will be new to Richmond, VA this winter and am exploring my options for transitioning my career in this area. Any information, suggestions or discussion would be helpful and greatly appreciated. If I left any important info out, I’d be happy to share.

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I took some great workshops at the Visual Arts Center in Richmond. They list their classes online: https://visarts.org/

Thanks! I was thinking about starting there. Looks like they have a lot of great programs.