Brayer, need good one


Ok while messing with ink and my el cheapo brayer, i decided to clean it with mineral spirits. Well the brayer pretty much melted.

So i was wondering where do i buy a brayer that will not melt from solvents so i can clean the ink.

Oh and boy does mineral spirits clean ink good, now i just need odourless spirits..

Thanks for any suggestions…

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If you need a really good brayer, go to McClain’s printmaking supplies. They have a wide variety of really good ones to choose from. They aren’t cheap, though.

If you want a cheap one that still works ok, buy a Speedball Soft Rubber one at your local art Supply house. They don’t dissolve in mineral spirits and can put down a good inking if you are careful.

Thanks for the info

I like Takach press as well- a bit pricey but they have a good range of larger brayers and smaller hand rollers which are very durable, made of grade A materials.