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Hello, I’m new here - I joined to find out more about a paragon cutter I recently acquired. I am a bit of a tool junkie and love restoring old tools when I can (quickly becoming a big hobbie of mine). I have found a lot of info already about the cutter but not sure on what is my best route on repairing the handle. The handle is broken and missing - the previous owner used it with a steel pipe slid over it. I know I have at least 4 options and would love to get you opinions:

1. Sell it as is because it still works as is (it’s just not as prity)
2. Some how find a new handle! But it seams to be the common weak spot so I think this is not an option.
3. I can machine the cast to accept a bolt on extension that would still allow it to be practical
4. I have also seen that if I had one to mold from we could recast a new one but that also seems a little impractical.

I will ultimately sell this item - I get my enjoyment out of the hunt and the repair but it does need to make financial sense as well and I don’t know what holds the most value to the print community as this is were I would like it to end up, hopefully in use regularly. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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I also have a Paragon with a repaired handle. 20 some years later I was able to find a replacement handle, but was unable to remove the existing handle the one time I tried to replace it. The existing handle works fine and was very sturdily repaired, but it is not very prettily. Basically a bent solid iron rod was welded on with 4 overlapping braces. If you like, I can supply a few photos of the repairs.

Since I’m not in a hurry (it does work fine) I’ll probably leave it as is until I clear a bunch of more pressing projects off the plate. But I am keeping the replacement around until its turn comes up.

Where did you find the replacement and how much did it cost (if you don’t mind me asking). Mine was repaired once as well but it didn’t hold up. I think what happend is the previous owner didn’t use the proper cutting sticks or adjust the depth of cut and so it required extra force to do the job. I just removed a strip of oak that was being used and it was split and not giving the support needed.

image: image.jpeg


It was a gift from a friend and fellow printer. I’ll take a picture of the repair on mine a bit later and post it here.

As promised a photo of the welding on my replacement handle. There are 4 of these bits of rebar that span over the break and the replacement iron rod.

image: Paragon.jpg


Thank you - yes I’m thinking of doing something along this line as long as it doesn’t take away from its value.