Gothic Black typeface ID

I recently acquired this beautiful 15-line gothic black face. I haven’t been able to find a close match in any of the specimens I have access to. There is no maker mark. Does anyone have ideas regarding potential maker/face?

image: IMG_5093.jpg


image: IMG_5094.JPG


image: IMG_5136.JPG


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It looks like Hamilton’s Number 29. It was probably cut at the Morgans & Wilcox factory after 1900, since it has no maker’s mark.
A few of the sizes are shown, here:[email protected]/3947295578/in/album-721576224...
Dave Greer


That’s it. Thanks!
So if I’m to interpret your comment about the mark, Hamilton didn’t mark items in the M&W factory after they merged. That seems curious to me - it doesn’t seem difficult to make a new punch. Was this a common practice?


I don’t have any proof of this; only an observation, in one of Hamilton’s specimens, that said that type cut at M&W, in Middletown, after the acquisition of 1899 - 1900, would serve the Eastern print shops, and dating some of the type, in shops that I purchased, I noticed that the M&W faces did not have Hamilton markings on the ‘A.’ I noticed, too, that some of Cooley’s types, probably still being made in South Windham, which previously had his New York imprint, did not have any after Page’s acquisition. When Hamilton had all the patterns, and the type was all cut in Two Rivers, it probably all had his maker’s mark. Most of my collection was purchased in the Eastern United States. I suspect that the transition, after a takeover, was short-lived and having a punch cut was not a priority.