First Press Adana 5x3 Need Help With Parts

Hey everyone!

I just purchased my first press! Excited to get back into letterpress after learning about it years ago in college. I live in Cambodia so I needed something I can put on a plane fairly easily and this Adana 5x3 seemed perfect!

I purchased the press on ebay and it came with a few additional items, but I won’t be able to inspect the item until I arrive in the US on holiday. I’m worried I won’t have enough time to order parts to take back to Cambodia unless I order now.

I am hoping you all can help identify from the photos some additional parts I may want to bring back to Cambodia with me. I know for sure I will need to order new rollers.

With this type of presses any parts that tend to need replacing?


image: s-l500 (1).jpg

s-l500 (1).jpg

image: s-l500 (2).jpg

s-l500 (2).jpg

image: s-l500.jpg


image: s-l500-parts.jpg


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The press looks complete.

You can lock the type up in the chase or if you want a larger area your type can be locked up in the bearer chase. The bearer chase is held by two bolts you can turn by hand.

You don’t have any furniture/reglet but you can use wood strip from a local DIY store.

Don’t try deep impression on it, the main frame is made from an alloy and will crack. When you get the press check if any paint has flaked off, it may indicate a crack.

Oil with a light oil like 3in1 and keep the disk spindle lubricated.

As the Good Buddy above (P.P.) implies looks almost ready to go, you may even be lucky with the Rollers, if not initially look up the *Tarheel Roller & Brayer Co.* out of Clemmons N.C. (we have had some excellent help from them even in the U. K. they are streets ahead of our Local ***Suppliers*.

Few little tips which may help:- under the top and back of the Platen proper there should be a little rubber bump stop to cushion the return of the platen onto the operating handle, tend to perish and fall out.
The primary packing for the platen was/is a card with 2 slots in to accomodate the bottom lay bar, it is easy to manufacture your own with just an Exacto knife/Stanley knife and just a 3/16” hand held hole punch/leather punch.?
=2 slots about 3/16” x 1 & 1/2” ***
Intermediate packing, well documented either News print, Blotting paper or/and One or two sheets of the stock to be printed. . ***

Top sheet, ideally Oiled Manilla but just as good if not better, Waxed Paper as from the backing sheets of sticky labels, + with waxed paper top sheet, your D.I.Y. Gage pins/pads can be retrieved with no harm to the Pin or the Packing, AND frequently with adequate supply of Waxed Top sheets (with the possibility in mind that any particular job may come back for a reprint) and providing the top sheet has been well creased on the Top return, merely file/store that sheet with its lay pins, ready to go next time.??? ***

Lay Pins/Gages for just a few Cents/Pennies or whatever, pack of double sided adhesive contact pads, 1/2” x 3/4” + just one sheet of Acrylic (wide range of thickness,s .003” upwards, with just a modicom of experiment D.I.Y. etc make/construct your own to ANY configuration to suit the stock you are printing with. For example 36 Point Arrow head style finger for heavy stock, or Thumb Nail size finger for Air/Mail, Bible Paper Onion skin, Flimsy etc . ***

Even the securing clips for the packing at the top of the tympan (the bottom lay guage holds at the bottom) can easily be made by straightening virtually any small coil spring and reshaping to suit, (2 pairs of Jeweller,s type Nose pliers,?? —- the spring steel does have memory but with a little D.I.Y. practice works well. . ***

The lock up screws in the Chase were/are crude at the best of times I.E. screwdriver slot type, just replace with correct thread *Allen Screws^ and appropriate *Allen* Key, As Allen keys normally come with 90 degree angled head, we either source a ready made Minature *T* bar key or have a small *T* handle braised on to a normal *Allen* shank.!!
This has proved useful, to give a guide as to how much or how little pressure needed locking up, also as the chase is Monkey Metal, Die-cast Zinc, etc. the *FEEL* from the Key *T* handle is far kinder to the Chase, i.e. with just the finger and thumb doing the business, will indicate that you are about to Spring or Bow or Bend the chase. . ***

***In most cases (above) useful, from supply and demand, availability, lack of funds, or in some cases *needs must when the Devil is in the driving seat* etc.
Plenty more info, available, via the B.P. Lines of communication, if you need.!!! Good Luck.

Thanks so much! I’m excited to get started again!