Kingsley Hot Foil Type

My daughter showed up for Thanksgiving with a Kingsley Model M-60 Hot Foil machine. We are unsure whether it requires “special” type of whether we can use the regular lead type we use on the letterpress. Because of the heat, we were unsure.




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because you heat the type it softens up and will wear faster, they make a harder type for foil stamping. If you use foundry type it will last a little longer, most monotype will only last for 100 or so impressions, just don’t use any type you don’t want to wear out. I use Ludlow or linotype for short runs of between 100 and 200 copies, for longer runs I get mag dies made. I don’t think mag dies will mount easily on the smaller Kingsley machines. you should get at least 500 impressions out of foundry type.

I have boxes of Kingsley type as well as bronze and Mazak ( zinc) type made especially for stamping and embossing.
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Magnesium or copper dies can be mounted on “T-shaped” aluminum mounts sized to fit the typeholder (similar to the Ludlow overhang) on the Kingsley machines.

A holder can be made to fit the machine and the plates mounted using a few drops of superglue. Then the plate can be knocked off with a sideways tap to use the mount over.

John H.

The Kingsley type, aside from being a harder alloy designed to take the heat, also has specific nicks of the front and back which allow it to “fit” properly into the grooved one, two or three-line typeholders that come with the machine. Regular foundry or Monotype type will not work that well in these typeholders because the of the bump-out side that the Kingsley type snuggles onto.

Rick von Holdt